• School Support Program

    This program focuses on supporting school children with education materials and resources, menstrual hygiene management, Life skills, SGBV and SRHR and family...

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  • Formal & Informal Learning

    Shadows of a Child engages young people in formal and informal learning to increase their meaningful participation in economic development, we promote skilling...

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  • HIV Prevention Services

    Many children and young people are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. Shadows of a child works with health workers and village health teams to conduct HIV prevention...

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  • Emergency Rescue & Relief

    Under this program SoC focuses on medical support, basic needs and shelter for children and families in dire need. SoC partners with health facilities to provide emergency..

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  • Child Protection

    Child Protection In our pursuit to ensure that all children in different communities are given an opportunity to explore their full potential, we are obligated to make sure that...

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  • Health & Nutrition

    Health and Nutrition We at Shadows of a Child realize that health related issues begin early, sometimes at conception. Many of the children in our program are HIV positive.

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Our Vision

A society where all children and youth have an opportunity to utilize their full potential.

Our Mission

To support service delivery and advocacy initiatives that enhance the growth and development of children and youth

Our Slogan

Our passion to care...their future to thrive

Brief Introduction

Shadows of a Child (SoC) is a non governmental, not for profit, non discriminating humanitarian organization that is passionate about caring for children and young people in vulnerable situations.

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  • Shadows Of a child Testimonials

    “Sarah(16), a young mother at Shadows Of a Child was a reserved, self-centered lady. She grew up with an ego mindset, hardly shared or intracted with anyone...”

    MBABAZI SARAH (Couceling & Guidnace)
  • Shadows Of a Child Testimonials

    “Shadows Of a Child has provided bicycles to young mothers to help solve the tranportation challenge which hinders them from attending various programs and activities . ”

    Young Mothers
  • Shadows Of a Child Testimonials

    “Kevin(17), is a young lady born from a military background, because of that she developed an aggressive character that non of her family members could tolerate...”

    NAKAMOGA KEVIN (Counseling & Guidance)