Our Background

Shadows of a Child was founded in 2013 by Enoch Saaki, He lived in Kakooge Sub-County, Nakasongola District for many years as a teenager. He was exposed to challenges and hopelessness that his peers faced. These were children born into poverty and deprivation. There was not much confidence that their own futures would turn out any differently than those of the poor society around them.

Enoch Saaki returned to kakooge as an adult to find that the challenges he witnessed while growing up were still persistent. It was then that he began to ponder over how to transform the community that was so dear to his heart. He realized that every suffering child was in that sorry state, because of challenges faced by those meant to be nurturing them i.e. their primary caretakers (a mother or guardian); their families and the community in which they lived.

What is supposed to be a ‘support network’ for every child, seemed to be stuck in a cycle of self-defeating behavior, limiting beliefs and extreme poverty. This is what he called the “shadow” of each suffering child; and if it “their shadow” remained the same, it would naturally result in their own lack and depravity as adults (if they ever got to grow up that is); thus, continuing the cycle.

This realization gave birth to the idea that by transforming the “shadow” into what it is supposed to be: safe and supportive, there was hope that the children could live a better life and overall change in the community would eventually follow. Hence the birth of Shadows of a Child. Whilst keeping the livelihood and well-being of children at the center of all activities, the objective of this organization is to influence those who are responsible for the well-being of children. By engaging them in activities and dialogue, mindsets can be shifted and opportunities that better their economic position will enable them to overcome the challenges that have previously hindered their ability to feed, nurture and support their children.


Our mission is to achieve change by working closely with families and communities at the grass roots level in providing emergency relief and ongoing support to children. We are constantly searching out the sometimes dangerous situations affecting children. At times, (with permission) children are removed from their homes and taken to the hospital or our care facility for treatment. Care is given on an individual basis until it is safe for the child to return to their family or other means of long-term solutions are met.

Educational Sponsorship is a new endeavor for us. We realize how vital it is for every child to have access to good education. School is not free in Uganda. Even our public system requires fees that many of our families just cannot afford. Through a sponsorship program that partners with our donors, we are striving toward school enrollment for all of our children.

We work in partnership with other agencies that share our passion and desire to help children in need. We involve the local Village Health Care System, law enforcement, Community Elders and Churches.

We provide training and counseling to child-mothers; skills to enable them to earn a living, to care for themselves and their children. We counsel community members in areas of child protection and nurturing. We are also involved in creative entrepreneurial enterprises such as agribusiness. We firmly believe in the African proverb; “It takes a village to raise a child.”


  • Child focused: All our works focus on the child’s wellbeing
  • Grassroots based: Working in the communities where children are dangerously at risk.
  • Diversity: Driven by individual community priorities and needs.
  • Shared Responsibility: The family is the first line of defense. By supporting children within their homes and families, we reduce their vulnerability and improve their lives.
  • Innovative: We aim for bold, creative and unique intervention.
  • Impactful: Our projects must be meaningful, measureable and sustainable.