Young girls drop out of school for a variety of reasons; the inability to pay their school fees, unplanned pregnancy, disease and more. Some of these child mothers were enrolled into our tailoring project at Shadows of a Child. New friendships began to be built as they settled in and embarked on their journey, learning how to sew. They discovered they were not alone.

Tailoring is one of the many ways through which Shadows creates opportunities to learn new skills and build self confidence among the child-mothers as they acquire skills that enable them to be responsible for their own wellbeing and the livelihood of their children.

She gave birth to a baby boy by c-section at kakooge health center, she named her baby MIRACLE having survived all the tribulations and afflictions she had been faced with during her pregnancy. The birth of her baby motivated her to face life’s challenges head on as she was now well aware that she solely had the responsibility of taking care of her little child. She patched up the relationship with her mother and re united with her but this did not entirely make the situation better as her mother was still not in position to offer much

Through the tailoring and mentoring that goes with the training, the child mothers are reminded that they are important and are capable of making a positive impact and difference in their communities. The training has restored hope and empowered the child mothers to work in order to become economically self-sufficient as most of them are single parents and have the sole responsibility of taking care of their children. Shadows graduated the first class of students on Sept. 4th, 2019. We held a celebration and a surprise for each of our child-mothers. They were awestruck when each was gifted with their own personal sewing machine. The girls were beyond grateful and emotions ran deep as all of them had acquired the skill, but most of them were at a loss and confused about how effectively they were going to actually apply the skills and knowledge attained to change their lives as they were not in position to afford sewing machines to start up their own businesses.


Florence, one of our brightest students said, “I love my sewing machine and it gives me so much joy when I think of the relief it will bring to me and my baby Diana, I would have never been able to start up a tailoring business but with this machine, I’ll start tailoring my child’s clothes as I venture out into the rest of the community and do business so as to take care of my child.” And this is exactly what Shadows of a Child is all about; bringing opportunities to people who would not have otherwise had the potential means of earning an income. Our work doesn’t only end at training, but we place equipment in the hands of those that need them the most with the hope that these sewing machines will positively change lives, families and communities.

Shadows of a Child(SOC) is a non governmental non profit, non discriminating humanitarian organization that provides holistic support and care services to neglected , needy and vulnerable children.

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