Uganda has been ripped apart by decades of civil war, disease, poor medical care and inadequate education. Consequently, we have become a nation of survivors. We are taught that what matters most is work…only work. Thankfully, that pattern is slowly reversing.

At SOC, we understand and encourage the incredible value of just letting a kid be a kid. As we work with local schools, we make time for play. We play group games like ‘cow, cow, chicken’ (our version of duck, duck, goose, as we don’t have many of them in Uganda.) And of course, football. In most countries you call it soccer…. (we think that’s strange, because you use your feet…) A vital part of our program is at the beginning and end of each session. We always have a time of prayer and Bible Study.

You can tell it’s a special time for the kids when you see the light in their eyes and huge smiles on their faces. An added benefit is that play with purpose teaches teamwork, leadership, forgiveness and so much more. Sometimes, it’s just fun!