Transportation in the village can be quite a challenge, so SOC procured bicycles for our young mothers, staff and volunteers. These bicycles are not a personal possession of individuals; they are for the entire community. Health facilities are often far from home and many people have lost their lives while trying to reach help. Among those whose need them are pregnant women due for delivery of their babies.

One of the many beneficiaries of the SOC bicycles is Florence who was rushed to Kakooge Health Centre to deliver her baby girl. She expressed her appreciation to a staff member. She said; ‘’If it weren’t for this bicycle, I would have lost my child and I would probably be no more as well. My child is alive and here today because of the SOC bicycle.’’ SOC bicycles have boosted the economic status of the families in the community. The bikes are used to transport people to their gardens to cultivate, to the markets to sell their produce and as such earn income that is used to take care of their children’s needs.

Many children trek very long distances to school. As a result they reach school very tired, some are exposed to abuse and threats due to the need to wake up so early so they can make it to school in time. Because of the long distances, many children drop out of school. The bicycles also indirectly improve the relationships between children and their parents. 12 year old Racheal says ever since her family got the SOC bicycle she gets home in time from school and her mother no longer beats her. “Formerly I used to get back home late from school and it would make my mother very angry, but now I ride my bicycle back home from school and I reach early to help my mother with the house chores. She is happy and I am also happy.”