This program focuses on supporting school children with education materials and resources, menstrual hygiene management, Life skills, SGBV and SRHR and family support.

Education materials and resources.
Here SoC focuses on supporting vulnerable children with materials such as scholastics including books, pens, text books and uniforms, scholarships in form of school fees in full or in part to enable them improve their learning and be retained in school. SoC promotes the rights of children with disabilities to stay in school through supporting them with learning aids, working with schools to have gender sensitive facilities such as Water Sanitation and Hygiene facilities as well as classrooms.

Menstrual Hygiene management
This programs focuses on empowering adolescent girls to deal with challenges of menstruation through educating them as well as supporting them with sanitary pads. SoC provides information through girl clubs and school teachers. Through SoC vocational training, young mothers make reusable that are used in the MHM program. SoC also a safe place for girls to share their fears and challenges on menstrual hygiene. Through sharing, fears and myths are demystified and children can have a healthy body image. SoC also promotes menstrual management among girls with disabilities who totally depend on their caretakers to clean them. SoC works with families where these girls come from through sensitizing them and linking them to family planning service providers.

Life skills to address SGBV and SRHR program
SoC promotes life skills to address SGBV and SRHR through self-awareness and Self-defense spaces. Self-awareness is done through a program called ‘I meet ME’. I meet ME is a safe space in form of clubs created in schools to enable to enabled children get to appreciate themselves. This program is done through activities like quizzes, children talking about their strengths, weaknesses and dreams, drawing pictures, songs, role play, IECs, and writing. Through these, we discuss Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Sexual Gender Based Violence. We believe in the importance of self-awareness because we grow up in a culture that tells children ‘to behave them selves’ and fit into the culture. This hinders children’s ability to self-explore hence limited them to reach their potential and expose them to abuse and violation of their rights. SoC empowers children in self-defense activities to promote their SRHR and fight against SGVB. Self- defense activities include communication skills, interpersonal skills, information on reporting mechanisms, simple fighting skills and physical exercises. This transforms children from passive recipients to active participants. SoC also engages children, teachers, parents, local government technical teams and local leaders on child safeguarding and protection issues. In this, SoC promotes a safe environment where children can thrive.

Family support
SoC focuses on families where vulnerable children come from, adolescent and young mothers to improve their livelihoods. This is done through agricultural initiatives to promote food security, nutrition and income generation. Other support is given through psycho-social support as well as child safeguarding and protection.