Seeds of Unity was born as a result of the motivation of our young mothers. It started as an initiative developed from counselling sessions in which they explored self-worth, compassion, and kindness. They decided to show support and care by helping in the communities in which they live. This initiative has become the concept of Seeds of Unity.

The Food Security and Agribusiness project under the Community Livelihood Programme of Shadows of a Child partnered with a local church and donated 68,000 coffee seedlings to the young mothers. We provided seeds that are resistant to pests, disease and bad weather; hoes to facilitate the cultivation process and bicycles to facilitate their transportation from one village to another. Seeds of Unity also helps build ties among the young mothers as they get to know where each of them live. Bonds of friendship and interdependence are growing daily.

As important as the financial benefits are, the programme does more. It is aimed at promoting teamwork, commitment, instilling values of patience, hard work, time management and self-motivation. The young mothers are building a legacy of responsibility and being respected members of their communities. By working together, the girls can cultivate larger areas and their local communities are benefiting not from the coffee production, but by seeing the examples of strong work ethics in these young women. The children of the young mothers also benefit from the concept of Seeds of Unity as the mothers show them examples of responsibility, dedication, and teamwork. You will find many of the children in the garden with their mothers, having fun, sharing in the work.